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Published Date: June 4, 2019

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Africa: It shall be Well

It is said that it is the sad duty of a writer to chronicle the ills of his society. In the following pages, I set out to write about some of the things I see as wrong in Africa and, where possible, I try to offer suggestions about the things I believe we could do to correct these apparent ills. The book is a collection of my published literary output spanning almost three decades. As I try to show, Africa’s tragedy, in my opinion, stems largely from the fact that we [Africans] continue to look for solutions to our challenges\problems from the same people who, in large measure, created the problems in the first place. While true that many African problems are compounded by ineffectual leaders who are largely clueless about what they face, the truth cannot be deny that Africa operates in a very hostile global environment. This environment is also largely control by a people that do not wish Africans well to begin with. The inhuman trade regime imposed on Africa by institutions and agencies the West set up to further its interests, the flagrant and persistent interference in Africa’s domestic affairs, the covert and overt control of Africa’s mineral resources are factors that are as responsible for Africa’s woes as is the much touted corruption. As amply demonstrated in many of the articles, I did not set out to excuse or absolve African leaders from the unfortunate situation that our dear continent today finds itself. These leaders appear to have chosen to align themselves with external foes to sentence Africans to a life of war and misery amidst the vast mineral resources the gods bestowed on our dear continent. The rapacious domination of Africa’s natural resources by Western multi-nationals; the gross and very blatant interference in Africa’s domestic affairs; the launching of proxy wars; the inhuman trade regime imposed on the continent from outside; the cultural, financial, economic, political and military (examples: Somali, Nigeria, DR Congo, CAR, Mali etc) assaults that the West continue to launch against Africa, cannot and should not be taken out of the equation in analyzing the problems of Africa. I claim no oracular knowledge about Africa. I also do not pretend to have the solutions to all of Africa’s problems. However, my firm belief as an African patriot is that Africa does not have a problem that Africans cannot solve. That explains the optimistic title I chose for the book. I hope that you enjoy reading this collections of my articles; I thoroughly enjoyed myself writing them.


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