Why China will not Colonize Africa

I write this for the benefit of those who would like to understand the historical imperatives that are driving current Chinese behaviour.

Those who are interested in understanding the historical reason why China will not colonise Africa should read up on Chinese Admiral Zhe who predated the Europeans in exploring the world, including the coast of East Africa.

Let it be noted that three of the vital instruments that allowed Europeans to break out of their land and conquer and colonise the world were of Chinese origin, viz: Gunpowder, Compass, and Paper.

The Chinese surely had the knowledge and the wherewithal to colonise the lands they explored in ancient times when those societies were considerably weaker and more fragile than they are today.

The question is: why didn’t they do it?

One must try to study endeavorpeople’s psychological makeup in order to understand and appreciate their behaviour.

The Chinese have done their best to keep their nation as Han (homogeneous) as possible. They have always had a healthy disdain for foreigners of every stripe.

If we dismiss the argument of a Chinese drive to colonise Africa on the grounds of history and psychology, how about economics?

This is where it gets really interesting.

But this can be answered by simply asking ourselves: Imagine yourself as the president of China, would the colonisation of Africa be among your priorities?

I doubt if that would be anything I would even remotely consider. The reasons are numerous. But let’s cut to the chase.

In over three decades of hard economic drive, China has managed to lift about 700 million out of its 1.4billion people out of poverty.

That is after gruesome efforts, famines and many failed economic experiments.

So, the Chinese are beginning to get their act together, and the next thing on their mind is to go and colonise Africa and add another 1.3 billion people to their headaches!

Mind you, Africans are as different from the Chinese as chalk is from cheese.

Our work ethics are diametrically opposed to each other. Our history, psychology, and philosophy are totally different. Our Mentality, whatever we care to examine, is different.

We have not yet considered the question of the global response to such an endeavour. And we have not even examined the stupidity of such folly!

By the latest count, China has invested US$700billion in its New Silk Road economic drive to connect the world.

Africa is at the periphery of this massive Global infrastructure drive, so why would China jeopardise its strategic cooperation with countries like Russia in a mad rush to colonise Africa?

Talking strategy, I have posted quite a lot of materials on geostrategic and geopolitical stuff on the platform with the hope of enabling members to follow the movements on the global chessboard.

Are we to believe that the Chinese will neglect the existential threat US forces in the South China Seas pose to their corporate survival and peel off their military resources for colonisation adventures in Africa?

Of course, like any other nation, China will continue to seek advantages wherever it can; it would be foolish not to.

The task before us in Africa is to get our act together, totally revamp our moribund education, put great emphasis on the teaching of science, mathematics, and technology, abandon superstition and upgrade our thinking capacities at every level.

It is then, and only then, that we can ever hope to become serious player on the global scene.

It is only if we can manage to become strong that we can ensure that we cease to be mere pawns on the chessboard!



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